While I try to let the work speak for itself it never hurts to have a few clients talk about you, too...

"The Paul Michael Company has worked with Mike Healey for several years and there is a reason why. His professionalism, attention to detail and his ability to quickly captivate what we are trying to accomplish at our photoshoots are just a few reasons. Immediately you’ll recognize that he has a keen eye and will politely makes suggestions if he recognizes any adjustments that need to be made. His turnaround after the photoshoot is extremely impressive and another bonus is that you do not have an obscene amount of proofs to sort through to choose the final photos for editing. He cherry picks the best ones for you, sends you a link to pick your favorites and before you know it you’ll have the perfect photography and videography you’ve hired him for!"
- Mary Michael, Director of Marketing, the Paul Michael Company

"Mike Healey is the best photographer I have worked with.. All of my clients were thrilled with the photos he took. He was courteous and timely, and I love his pricing as well."
- Amy Quimby, JP And Associates REALTORS

"Working with Mike is a breeze. He is timely, professional, and extremely talented. He captures our jobs with detail, precision, and beauty. We have been using him for the past year to photograph our jobs for our website and social media and could not be more pleased."
- Brooke Koonsman, Operations Manager, RPCD, Inc.

"Mike Healey did a great job with the video we needed and the photography was excellent, too. We are very happy with the end results and with the fast process of the completed project and we will recommend and use MHP in the future! Good Job!"
- Susan Baker, Showroom Manager, Uncommon Market Dallas

"Mike is super professional and his work is of the highest quality! His photos are amazing and his production company is also top notch! I would highly recommend him to anyone! I have worked with Mike before on multiple occasions and will definitely be using his services again soon in the future!"
- Michelle Smith, Caldwell Banker Realestate

"I am speechless and teary eyed. You have beautifully captured the love and passion of each of these dancers. To see the hopes and dreams of a young ballerina, the motivation and discipline of teens, the nurturance and compassion of teachers, and the amazing philosophy and vision of Ms.Linda--this video speaks volumes. Bravo, Mike!!! I am touched and can't thank you enough for sharing your special gift with TCBC!" 
- Patti Wilhite, VP/Marketing & PR, Twin City Ballet Company

“Our agency has worked with Mike over many years on varied audio/video projects. We continue to use Mike because he delivers a quality product on time and on budget. Mike always goes the extra mile for his clients; he thinks proactively about our clients as though he were a part of our creative team. He has become a valuable resource. Mike is detailed, reliable, personable and provides a top notch service and product. We have won many awards, including Tellys and Addys, utilizing the expertise and technology of Mike Healey Productions.” 
- Vici French, French Creative Group

"Look up the word nonpareil in the dictionary and you should find Mike Healey's name listed there. Minutia is not a trivial thing for Mike since it's the small details that make all the difference between incredible work and ordinary stuff. Mike is incredible in what he does and can do for your company and image." 
- Rick Godley, GodleyWorks Agency


“I have worked with Mike as a colleague as well as someone who has assisted my school with producing multimedia projects to market our school and recruit students. I could easily check ALL the attributes listed above. He was invaluable in the process -- his knowledge of multiple media platforms is phenomenal. Not only do I turn to him frequently for his skills, but also for his advice in the burgeoning area of online marketing and social media.” 
- Liz Craft, St. Frederick High School


“Mike Healey is the premier go-to guy in North Louisiana for video production, including TV and Radio commercials. He has state of the art equipment and sound booth. Other ad agencies hire Mike for their work.” 
- Sam Heny, Attorney


"In my opinion, Mike has yet to do anything but top-notch work. He's a lot of fun to work with, and he has a unique, natural ability that makes the end result of a project better than it was envisioned. I'd recommend him to anyone. We have a running joke between us.... "Make me look good man!".... and he has yet to let me down!” 
- Paul P. Price, the Price Agency


"Mike is great to work with and takes initiative to add to any production he works on. "We can't do that" isn't in his vocabulary. It's more "let's figure out how to make it work". Do your homework, and he'll bring it in on time and under or on budget. Can't recommend him highly enough.”
- Cj Sartor, Sartor Associates


“Mike is one of the most gifted, creative forces in the field of television production and editing in Northeast Louisiana. He has graciously donated his time and talent to many not-for-profit causes, namely in the production of multiple commercials for The Strauss Theatre Center and The Masquerade Ball. He is exceptionally talented and offers a critical eye as well as a creative balance between the art and function of production.”
- Mark Sanders, Dir. of Marketing - Burkett Cardiovascular Associates


“I've been doing voice-over work for Mike Healey for several years, and I love the work he sends. Great copywriting, easy to understant direction and always a fast pay.  I'm proud to be a sorce of work for him, as he runs a very good shop." 
- Michael Lucas, Lucus Diversified Media Interests


“Mike has a full service shop for HD production and post. He's always on the cutting edge of new technologies and is well versed in production workflows and options he can provide to his clients.”  
- Barak Epstein, Production Consultant - Videotex Systems


“Mike is by far and away the best videographer/editor I have ever worked with. His input and creative ideas are invaluable to me and my agency.  His ego is well earned!” 
- T. Ross Gombossy, Ross Creative Services